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Adscend Media, the defendant in lawsuits filed this week by Facebook and the Washington attorney general, on Friday denied the allegations in the complaints and shifted blame to its affiliates. Adscend Media is a global affiliate network which is Built for Superior Monetization & Brand Engagement. AdCreative & Effective Digital Advertising Campaigns. Earn skins for free instantly by filling out surveys, watching videos and completing other offers. Adscend Media (Incentive Friendly) is not your typical affiliate network. Suite 2, Level 4 109 Pitt Street, Sydney · Directions · (02) 9221 3219. We’ll help you earn more, boost retention, and acquire more users. #MakeEveryExperienceRewarding. Worldwide. Adscend creates rewards-based ad solutions for apps and websites. One can get started with this network in minutes. Description. Adscend Media has been established by a two-person team since 2009. About Adscendmedia Adscend Media is a CPA affiliate network with a wide range of programs for you to promote.

If you are looking for way to monetize your website or your free giveaways, then you probably heard about Adscend Media and if not, then listen carefully. The latest Tweets from Adscend Media LLC (@Adscend). I will get back to you with my secret method. We help you earn more, boost retention. Find Customers · Create Awareness · Increase ROI · Generate Leads. But not all of them are actually worth your effort. Please note that it may take a few days for the offer wall to respond – …. Adscend Media is a CPA (cost per action) network that was founded in 2009 by Fehzan Ali and Jeremy Bash. Be Sure to visit the offerwalls as much you can to …. In case you are already using any of these in your project and face any issues you can remove the duplicates from your project gradle build file as they’ll be automatically imported by our SDK. Adscend Media, Austin. 5.1K likes. Adscend Media creates rewards-based ad solutions for apps and websites. Setting Up Your Rewarded Video SDK Profile. I really love Adscend Media because I am a long time partner and user of this service. Therefore, once you join, you’ll be treated to a better viewing experience, featuring handpicked content from amazing creators (at higher resolutions). Log in to the dashboard, and via the main navigation go to Rewarded Video > Rewarded Video SDK. Yango’s expertise in digital media buying strategy and implementation has been. What happened? Adscend Media used to be reasonable and credit when surveys didn’t pay as long as you had proof, but more recently they’ve been sending irrelevant canned responses refusing to pay even with full proof of completion on every occasion and it’s become a lottery as to whether they pay or not. For more offerwalls click the menu above.

Award-winning offer wall, Rewarded Video, affiliate marketing, and advertising solutions for mobile app and web publishers. We help you earn more, boost retention, and. Log in to your account and start generating revenue with Adscend Media today! While every network makes claims of having the highest rates, the best offers, the best support, and on-time payments – that is only our starting point. Adscend Media creates rewards-based ads for apps and websites. The Adscend Media is one of the best CPA networks among the tons of affiliate networks on the internet. Adscend Media is trusted by thousands of internet marketers, publishers, and companies. And now, we create an utmost platform by more than 30,000 publishers in 180+ countries. We’ll help you earn more, boost retention, and acquire more users. #MakeEveryExperienceRewarding. Just do our offers on the Offerwall and earn Cash or Points. Adscend Media is a top 10 performance-based ad platform founded in 2009 that enables developers to monetize non-paying users with our innovative offer wall, rewarded video, mobile video, content locking, and offers platform. Adscend Media, Austin, Texas. 5.1K likes. Adscend Media creates rewards-based ad solutions for apps and websites. I first got my payment to see if it was a scam, minimum of $50 wasn’t too bad, and I …. Our Android SDK is built open several open-source libraries. Setting Up Your Rewarded Video Profile. Sales strategy and expertise are the backbone of Ascend Media, and what the company was founded on more than 35 years ago. Our sales team will become a part of your organization, providing you the revenue to advance your meeting and association goals. Generate Leads · Increase ROI · Create Awareness · Find Customers. Marketing Manager Adscend Media LLC October 2012 – Present 7 years 1 month. Responsible for managing all marketing-related functions for performance-based advertising. This task wall has hundreds of worldwide tasks that can be completed for up to 1,800 multiplier points. Tasks range from free offers, to trial offers, and even cell …. We help you earn more, boost retention, and acquire users in 180+ countries. Adscend Media is a pay-for-performance ad network that provides publishers with innovative content monetization solutions, to maximize revenues generated from their valuable premium content. Select the skins you want from the thousands that we have! Their headquarters are in Austin, TX. Adscend Media. Provides online advertising tools, and other ways for publishers to monetize their content, such as paid premium content. Adscend Media’s monetization solutions reward your users by boosting engagement, increasing retention, and helping you generate up to 10x higher eCPMs. View all 1843 offers Adscend Media on! Best payout! Earn Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from our Offer Walls. By completing the various offers below you will receive rewards. The tasks and the amount they pay-out vary. Generate Leads · Find Customers · Create Awareness · Increase ROI.

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